10 Ways Women Lose Good Men


You have been there or you’ve watched it happen to a girlfriend or two, three…..

10 Ways to Lose Good Men:

  1. Turn him down when he asked you to be his woman.
  2. Take advantage of his kindness.
  3. Pick a bad boy instead of him.
  4. Yell at him when you can’t get your way.
  5. Lie to him in order to get whatever you want.
  6. Talk badly about him to your friends and one of them tells him because she wants him for herself.
  7. Act crazy in ways that embarrass him in front of other people.
  8. Break his prized possessions
  9. Spend all his money
  10. Create debt for him
  11. Bonus – Physically attack him which in turns causes him to want to hit you

Why do we do these things?

  1. Some of us are immature
  2. Some of us are angry
  3. Some of us don’t feel we deserve a good man
  4. Some of us like drama.
  5. Some of us are scared.
  6. Some of us don’t know a good man when he crosses our path.
  7. Some of have standards that are impossible for most men to meet.
  8. Some of us are traumatized by past pains.
  9. Some of us don’t understand what we need to be happy.
  10. Some of us have developed poor attitudes and negative behaviors that block our success in relationships.
  11. Some of us do not know how to communicate our feelings appropriately.
  12. Some of us have a poor relationship with money.
  13. Some of us do not love ourselves, therefore we don’t know how to deal with real love so we sabotage the relationship.
  14. Some of us listen to other people instead of trusting our instincts because not everyone has your best interest at heart.

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