9 Ways You Can Love More, Forgive More, Find More Happiness in 2017


  1. If you LOVE yourself then you can share the love you have for yourself with others in 2017.
  2. A man can’t truly love a woman who doesn’t love herself so love yourself more.
  3. If you are holding on to past pains they are holding you back from experiencing the love you desire and deserve so forgive more in 2017.
  4. Holding on to anger in your heart doesn’t hurt the other person you’re angry at, instead, it hurts your (health, emotional well-being, and romantic relationships)
  5. Check your ATTITUDE, if it’s bad now is the time to fix it in order to stop it from messing up your relationships with others it can affect your job, friends, family, and romantic relationships. Remember to TASTE your words before you say them because you won’t be able to take them back.
  6. Try new things, they don’t have to be big things such as wearing more dresses to show off your feminine side or drink more water and less sweet drinks. Starting something new has a way of causing a chain reaction and before you know it great things start to happen all around you; which will bring you more happiness in 2017.
  7. Find the little girl who lives inside of you. It’s okay to bring her out sometimes because she is your playful side, your mischievous side, your feminine side and she will make you happier in 2017.
  8. Stick to the things you say out loud if you say you’re going to do something do it because you should be a woman of your own words in 2017.
  9. Start writing down your thoughts, dreams, choices inside the pages of a journal so that you can build the most important relationship you will ever have the one with yourself.
  10. BONUS: Be okay with asking for help when you needed, suffering in silence helps no one, we all go through challenging times there are people willing to help.

2017 should be better than in 2016 but that will only happen if you do things differently.  Humans get trapped in comfort zones and then before you know it many years have passed and then you wonder why did my life only improve a little or not at all during the passing years. The definition of insanity is “trying to the same thing but expecting different results.”

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