Breaking Habits

Breaking Habits

Breaking Habits is too Hard! I have heard women say” this is how I am!” If you are Happy that...

Attitude is Everything

Attitude is Everything!

HOW’S YOUR ATTITUDE? The road to attracting love can be a rocky one and it starts with you: your issues,...

10 things women want men to know

10 Things Women want Men to Know

What else do you Want Men to Know? Some women think that once a man reaches a particular age there...


DO YOU USE YOUR FEMININE POWER? Femininity IS that essential primary energy that separates us from men. It is also...

Dating Married Men

Dating Married Men

Do you Date Married Men? If So, Why? Dating Married Men is a bad idea! He always says the words...

Look Younger

10 Ways to Look Younger

Who Doesn’t Want to Look Younger?  When you REACH a CERTAIN age are you suppose to look a certain way?...

Lose a friend

How to Lose a Friend

How Do Your ‘Friends’ Make You Feel? “How to lose a friend” may seem like a strange title for a...

I want a boyfriend

I Want a Boyfriend!

Why Can’t I Have What  I Want? “I want a boyfriend”  Our beliefs lead to our behaviors which lead to...

Men frustrate you

Do Men Frustrate You?

Why do men frustrate you? In the past, men frustrated me so badly until I discovered the real source of...

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