Girl Gamers Discover Something New – Escape Jaya Mobile Game

Hey, Girl Gamers There’s A New Hero in Town and Her Name is Jaya.


Read her backstory and follow her journey on Instagram @escapejayamobilegamedownload the free game here

Game Trailer

Jaya has a big heart, she wants to save the world in her own way. She spent her childhood relying on herself. When she was seven, she was removed from her home and grew up in foster placements until she went to boarding school.

Dealing with challenges helped her realize that she is smart, strong, clever, and could use those strengthens to protect herself and others. Girls have to learn early how to sense and escape danger in this big cruel world, and Jaya is here to help.

Do you feel like thrown away away girl?

Some feel thrown away when they’ve been put in foster care or abandoned by the people who were supposed to love them the most, their parents. Unfortunately, many parents are broken and don’t know how to be what we want them to be. But, some parents do the best they can, and others are amazing.

Are you a girl gamer that can relate to feeling like a thrown away girl? If so, or not, either way, you should follow Jaya’s journey. There will be more games and live-action content so follow her page on Instagram @escapejayamobilegame



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