How to ATTRACT the Man you Want

You Can Have Everything You Want

How to ATTRACT the Man you want becomes more difficult as Woman age. Why? We have less access to Men because we spend too much time with other woman and spend less time hanging out in places were men converge.

Most women want men to be bold enough, brazen enough, and confident enough to step to the fire, even if they do get burnt. Many Men, on the other hand, see it differently.

Some men are shyer than we think, they maybe attract to us but the sting of rejection is always at the forefront of their minds. For other women, maybe there’s a guy in your world that does not seem to notice you and you want to change that without seeming or being desperate.

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What do you do?

  1. Smile – A happy woman is an attractive woman. This is one asset that most of us have a tendency to forget about and yet its one of the easiest thing to achieve, or at least it should be. You can change someone’s whole day just with a sincere smile.
  2. Take care of your appearance – A woman who feels good about the way she looks will project sexual energy that will be attractive to most men. We all live busy lives however your appearance should not suffer for it.
  3. Be Confident – This is very sexy to a lot of men and that will get your attention. There is nothing wrong with flaunting what your “momma gave you”. Walk with your spine straight and look at the world as if you own it.
  4. Desire him- Everyone wants to feel desired. Yet some women are confused about what they really want, so what we want changes in an instant; one moment we want a man the next we just want to have fun. This is confusing and a turn-off to some guys.
  5. Know what you REALLY want -When we choose a man out of loneliness and/or desperation, we get more or less than we bargained for. Many women will become victimized and probably internalize the hurt when the relationship goes south, leaving them with baggage that will interfere with their chances for future love.
  6. Flirt – Use your smile and eyes to let him know that you are interested and approachable! Flirting requires confidence, femininity and the ability to use them both well so practice if you’re a little rusty.
  7. Observe him – If you can find out what he likes (interests/hobbies) maybe you’ll discover that you have something in common. Then you can find a way to play together by asking him questions or ask for his help with this hobby. Be creative if you think he’s worth it.
  8. Ask for help – If you need help with even the smallest thing like opening a jar, let him help you with it. Men need to be helpful. Being independent all the time is highly overrated and uses a lot of your personal energy. Being feminine and receptive allows to you use your energy for other endeavors. There’s nothing wrong with letting a man take care of you.
  9. Pay attention to his moods – If he looks like he’s having a hard time bring him something, leave something on his desk, at his door with a note that will make him smile. Examples: a comic strip, a joke, a funny picture, etc.
  10. Masculine versus Feminine energy – If his dominant energy is feminine (not gay) and you are a masculine energy woman (aggressive) then you can ask him out after you have smiled, flirt and observed his responses. How can you tell if he’s a feminine energy man? Feminine energy is passive, that does not mean a feminine energy man will not ask women out but some of them may need a little help. To find out if he’s a feminine energy man you will have to talk to him and observe his behavior.

Figuring out how to attract a man that is right for you is difficult especially depending on your energy at any given time. A lot of things affect our energy, how you feel about your life, how you feel about yourself, etc. But, you change your energy once you realize it’s not giving off the right signal but it takes work. You can do it!

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