It’s Complicated But It Doesn’t Have To Be

IT’S COMPLICATED!  It’s popular in movies, music, poetry, it’s a relationship option on facebook, complications happen anytime we want a relationship with someone you have a crush on or when the relationship we’re in isn’t going so well.

The real question is why is it so COMPLICATED?

In most cases, there are only one of two answers to most questions the problem is we don’t like one of the answers.

It’s in our nature to COMPLICATE things when in most cases things are very simple to fix, figure out or change maybe we just enjoy drama.

It’s also in our nature to say “It’s Complicated!”

Rules, we all have them and they do indeed serve a purpose, they keep us warm at night (really???), they keep us happy (give me a break), but some of them do indeed keep us safe. The problem is choosing rules that are there to keep us safe instead of alone.

The problem is choosing rules that are there to keep us safe instead of alone.

How to UnCOmPliCaTE, Complications:

  1. When you are attracted to someone who you are afraid to be attracted to.  Try releasing your feelings by journaling so you can figure out the problem then you can solve it.
  2. If you’re in a Complicated relationship, why is it so Complicated? Is it him or is it you?
  3. Observe the person you are attracted so you can figure out why you’re attracted and so you can learn more about the individual.
  4. Pay attention to how the individual responds/treats you during your interactions (it can give you clues about how that individual feels about you.)
  5. Be a little flirty (smiles, light touches, whispering something funny in the ear) and see how the individual responds.
  6. Revisit the rule(s) that are keeping you from moving forward with the individual, figure out if it’s valid or just fear (failure, being hurt or being happy)

Life is always shorter than we think so when we Complicate our lives we are missing out on part of our Journey, and in some cases, we are making ourselves miserable.

So you DESERVE EVERYTHING you want and does that mean things will be easy, “no.”

Does that mean you won’t get your feelings hurt, “no.”

What it does mean is that you would have lived a life worth writing a book about or making a movie out of.

There may be up and downs but isn’t that LIFE.



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