Kidnapped Girl Escape Game – Escape Jaya


Escape Jaya mobile game is a kidnapped girl escape game. The hero is a woman. She looks for ways to escape captivity after being kidnapped from her home. She struggles to break free.

But once free, she fights to rescue her friends. Jaya’s friends are scattered throughout a farmhouse. She searches for two friends that are hidden in secret rooms. Once they leave the home there is one more thing to escape from, a maze before fleeing to safety.

Because of the rise in women gamers, it is time for more female protagonist games to be made. Escape Jaya mobile game answers those calls. ESCAPE TODAY!


Breaking out of a locked room is hard. Can you use your body? Or do you need an object to help you break the lock or crack open the door? This room is a new feature being added to the game.

Once you escape the house then you have to find your way to another side of the maze before the bad guys catch you and your friends. Stay on guard the maze is tricky if you want to make it out.

The trailer above is without the new features currently being added. Although, the game is being updated it is available to play for free at the app and play stores. PLAY THE MOBILE GAME TODAY HERE


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