Why Men Won’t Commit To You

9 Relationship Fears All Men Have

Why Men Won’t Commit to YOU

Relationship fears, we all have them but men might be worst than women.

Men are more sensitive than women but just better at hiding their feelings.

What do you think?

Things that make you think:

  1. All men have a past and it may have left a huge emotional scar and the older they are the deeper the scar.
  2. Some of us lose our minds once we sleep with them and we want to control them because of insecurities (don’t roll your eyes you know this is you) Note: Sleep with a man who is not YOUR man is a recipe for disaster in most cases. Try to avoid setting yourself up to get your feeling hurt.
  3. I recently heard a story about a woman who was caught cheating with her husband’s best friend in their bed. Why would you cheat at home? Maybe she wanted to get caught.
  4. How can you make men see you as a source of pleasure, not pain, and no sex is not the answer? This is tricky let me know if you find out that answer to that one.
  5. Men are hard on themselves when they are struggling financially, and I know some you don’t care about that but others do. Men have a strong sense of pride when it comes to their wallet so don’t play around with this it’s a self-esteem issue.
  6. Some of you are hard on men because of your past pain and when men try to be vulnerable with you, you can say mean things. Once you do that, he may never show that side to again or you may never see him again.
  7. Why do some of you sleep with men you do not know and then get upset when they sleep with you for a few months then disappear.
  8. You are worthy of love but you must love yourself first!

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Sometimes you just need to see what you can’t see and that changes

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