Know Your Needs

What Are Your Needs?

Receiving from your partner must take place or resentment may set in which leads to anger and will eventually cause the relationship to end.

Dr. Phil said it best, “a relationship only works when it meets the needs of the two people involved.” But, what are these needs? it’s how we are created, these are the basics that are required for living such as air, water, food, shelter, and heat.

Tony Robbins says there is six HUMAN NEED:

1. Certainty (comfort zone is the need to predict the outcome of a situation)

2. Variety (don’t want life to be too boring)

3. Significance (want to feel important, unique, special)

4. Love/Connection (want people in your life to love you)

5. Growth (need to learn new things, because what doesn’t grow dies)

6. Contribution (giving back to others in need)

We all go about meeting our needs in very different ways and these needs may also be in conflict with each other from time to time. Some will say they don’t need this or that, but in actuality, that’s not true.

There are people who deprive themselves of needs in an effort to convince themselves that those things are not important to them, however in most cases, this leads to self-harm.

So to believe you can be a part of a relationship and give everything and receive nothing will drain you and your soul. Likewise, to be in a relationship where you receive everything and give nothing is being disingenuous and you will lose in the end.

The process of give and take is continuous karma energy that feeds all human beings if you try to take everything and give nothing you will lose it all if you give everything and take nothing then you rob others of the joy of giving to you.

Source The Game Changers


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