What You Need To Know Before Turning 40

Oh My God, I’m Turning 40!

Things to KNOW before turning 40 may not seem that important to you unless your fortieth birthday is just around the corner. But, the earlier you can learn something the better your life will be.

Turning 40 is a milestone in many women’s lives.  At 40 many women are still youthful, vibrant, and want to have fun. It is said that some of us are actually 10 years younger than our physical age.

We have the options of dating men who are younger if we choose to do so. Many women start new careers, businesses and families in their forties. 

By the time you’re 40…

  1. When your body doesn’t feel the way it used to or just doesn’t feel “right”. This is very important. That’s usually a signal something is out of whack and needs to change such as better eating habits, needing more sleep or coming up with a new exercise routine. It may also signal a need for the release of emotions such as anger, anxiety, and resentment because they are toxic to the body. You are never too young or too old to forgive yourself or others.
  2. What you need to do to manage your stress such as walking, taking a relaxing bath, reading a good book or watching a funny movie. Screaming is a good one too.
  3. When a Man is not right for you (immature, selfish, lacks ambition, boring). Trustworthy friends and family usually have good sensors where this is concerned. We get warning signs but we tend to ignore them. Need help in this area? Click here
  4. That it’s time to love yourself in spite of being alone or never being married. This one is huge for many women. We have to treat ourselves well regardless of our relationship status. Having healthy self-esteem and self-worth becomes a built-in monitor for keeping us safe and out of away from drama.
  5. You still have a lot to learn about yourself and your life and that it’s okay to seek help (therapist, life coach, mentor) when things get overwhelming. It’s never too late to change your perspectives and give yourself a new outlook on life.
  6. Take special care of your skin, especially the skin on your face to help you manage the increasing years, and sun/environmental exposure. This includes seeing a dermatologist when necessary and scheduling regular facials. There is nothing wrong with taking care of yourself! As you age your body, skin, hair needs more help from you to maintain its youthfulness. Don’t neglect yourself.
  7.  When it’s time to find new dreams or new goals to pursue now that you have some of your emotional baggage under control or eliminated. Also now is a good time to start checking off items on your Bucket List. Do the things you’ve been talking about doing, actions are always better than words.
  8.  When to compassionately let go of a relationship regardless of how long you’ve been in it, especially if it’s no longer in your best interest, you’re both hurting and it’s keeping one or both of you from growing and evolving. Always be honest with yourself. 
  9.  When you need a release of emotions – write them down on paper so that they can be released from your body. If your body holds on to damaging emotions for years, it can cause any number of health problems. Journaling helps you to release those emotions and gives you insight on how to improve any situation.
  10.  When it’s time to reorganize your home, your thoughts, your emotions, and your life into manageable compartments. If your life is out of control then it’s time to rein it in and get things in order. If it’s time to throw things out, throw them out, including old thoughts, mindsets and emotional baggage especially from past relationships. Carrying around old things keep you stuck in the same cycle which can lead to bitterness. If you are feeling stuck right now this will help you get unstuck, what you need is clarity and that only happens when you evaluate your past and present choices. Making new/different choices will put you on the road to progress if you need a change.

It’s an AWESOME time to be alive, so if you’re letting turning 40 depress you, it’s really time to create a different perspective. You made it to forty but many women did not so CELEBRATE and REJOICE at making it to this milestone in your life. ALWAYS REMEMBER TO BE GRATEFUL! Happy turning…


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