What To Do With My Life? Try These 8 Tips

What to do with my life? Is the question that most people ask at some point along their journey. It’s hard to make big life changes if you can’t figure out the small ones. 

7 Tips of What To Do With Your Life

1. Write down happy moments

If you write down moments that make you happy, you will start to see a pattern. If you were doing a certain thing over and over again or if a certain person always makes in all your moments. If you are overlooking this person, now may be the time to pay attention. What is it about this person that makes you happy? The more you know about yourself the better decisions/choices you’ll make now and in the future. 

2. Make money from activities you love

Once you recognize the feeling of joy when doing a certain thing now it’s time to figure out how you can make money doing it instead whatever you’re doing now.

In today’s world, you can make money do anything you just need to do research to see if anyone is doing what you want to do and follow their steps. 

Also, trust your instincts, don’t always listen to others advice this is your journey and mistakes will help you to learn and grow.

3. Volunteer

Volunteering is a way to increase your skills, build relationships while giving back to your community which will make you feel good. 

Volunteer Ideas:

  • Community gardens
  • Teaching kids/adults how to read
  • Foodbank
  • Homeless Shelters
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Animal Shelters
  • Hospital holding babies
  • Children Sports League
  • Recreational Centers

This will give you a sense of contribution and when you help change someone else’s life, you change your own. 

4. Become a Traveler

What to do with my life? Traveling is a good place to start. It gives you a worldly perspective, learning about other cultures, eating exotic food and trying new things will make you a more interesting person. 

5. Start a new hobby

Hobbies are a great way to connect with yourself, others and break up the monotony in your life that may be stuck in a never-ending routine. This is strictly for fun so don’t put pressure on yourself to be good. 

6. Start a new relationship 

Dating will add fun and companionship to your life if you’re single.  It’s easy to get trapped in your house and stuck on the couch watching Netflix. Sometimes old wounds can block you from putting yourself out there to meet other people.  So delve deep to see what’s been stopping you from being in a relationship. 

7. Work on a big project

If you have some old goals now is a good time to dust them off and get to work. If there’s a book you’ve been wanting to write. If you want to go back to school are just take a few class there’s no better time than the present. Believe in yourself. Goals move your life forward and help you to accomplish things in life. 

Build Self Confidence

8. Know your numbers

How much does money do spend on your living expenses? How much debt do you have? Do have any assets? Knowing these things numbers will help you plan for the future. If you don’t make enough money, now may be the time to increase your income by changing careers, getting a new job or starting a business. Another option is getting a second job to pay off your debt. Also, learn how money works and how to make it grow for your future.

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