Why Haven’t You Reached Your Goals?

Why haven’t you reached your goals? Every successful person is a goal setter. Setting goals applies in every area of our lives ranging from relationships, careers, marriages, finances, school, and other life events. However, it is your ultimate goals that help you have a direction to follow. Unfortunately, it can be very difficult for most people to achieve their ultimate goals. 


  •  Your current goals are too big for you to accomplish right now.
  • Your current goals don’t have a clear purpose, they go in too many different directions. 
  • You’re working on too many goals at one time.
  • You don’t know what you really want.
  • Your goals are too small to make any real progress
  • Or it takes you too long to accomplish one goal.

The bottom line is you have to the work to succeed but you have to know what to do. 

Why haven’t you reached your goals? If you’re not careful can become a never-ending question.  Some reasons are lack of self-confidence and limiting yourself but there is more to that.

The top reasons why you haven’t been able to achieve your goals.

1. You do not know what success is.
The definition of success is not the same for all people and what I might achieve and feel like I have succeeded is not the same thing for you. A successful life will depend on what your goals are and your ability to achieve those goals. As time goes by, the goals will keep changing and so will your idea of success. Success also depends are your standard/quality of life you desire. If your goal is to buy a house once you bought the house, you may consider yourself successful. 

Success should be based solely on your standards for yourself.

Whether the goal is small such as losing a few pounds to larger life-changing goals like getting marrying, success is yours to define and shape. Once you have a clear definition, you may already be successful.

Also. you need to make sure that your definition of success is measurable or you might be chasing your shadow for a long time. The first step should be to identify what success looks like in your life. A vision board is a great way to represent the success you want to achieve, it allows you to get out of your head and onto a board where you can see it live and in color. Resist trying to learn a lot of new skills, it will cost you so much time and money. 

2. Assess your capabilities
Why haven’t you reached your goals? A lot of people start on a journey to be successful without knowing if they have all the tools/skills/patience necessary to help them succeed. Assessing your abilities is critical this will help you discover your strengths and weaknesses before you begin this new journey. If you uncover some weaknesses then find people who possess strength in that area, you don’t have to know, be or do everything. 

3. Setting unreasonable goals
Unreasonable or unrealistic goals is actually one of the top reasons why most you’re probably not achieving your goals. Critically analyzing your goal is essential in order to prevent yourself from wasting too much time.

Goals should be measured by the amount of time it takes you to complete them.  The first set of goals should be simple and easy to complete quickly this will create momentum. If your goal is to make maybe 50,000 dollars, you should set a time frame for you to achieve that goal. For example, I want to make 50, 000 dollars by December 31, 2020.
If you examine your current situation and then re-evaluate your skillset, you will be able to judge how reasonable your goals are. This does not mean that you should aim low, on the contrary, it means you should aim for the moon but even if you miss at least you will land among the stars. Discipline, hard work, and persistence are required to achieve your goals.

4. Your thinking is not aligned with your goals 
One of the top things that makes many people fail to meet their goals is doubt and fear. When you add lack of vision and clarity to that mix it makes success seem impossible to achieve. For you to achieve your goals and get the success you are hoping for, you will need to align your thoughts and actions.

Most successful people think differently than unsuccessful people. So pay attention to your actions, they speak volumes about how your unconscious mind is thinking and it may be blocking your success. 

5. Your actions are not aligned with your goals
Changing your thinking is the first step towards success but that does not mean it is the only step. Thinking you can do it is not enough to achieve your goals. It is a good place to start but you need an action plan. The plan will change several times but you need to have one to start this journey. Read biographies from successful people as a guide to help set up your action plan.

Why haven’t you reached your goals? Perhaps, you had the wrong goals. 

Click the picture below to get 3 Goal Worksheets that will help you create goals that you can work on right now. Additionally, you can start to think about your future.  

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